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Providing Support and Solutions for Homeworkers

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Do you have concerns about your homeworkers?

With homeworking becoming the new normal. HWA offer a 'Homeworking Wellbeing Assessment’ which can address concerns you may have about employees who are working from home.

In our experience employee welfare can sometimes fall into a void, let us provide peace of mind with this solution to your business.


Are you fulfilling your legal obligations for your homeworkers?

As an employer, you have the same health and safety responsibilities for employees who are homeworking as you do for any other employees.

Did you know that it is recommended by the Health and Safety Executive  (HSE) these responsibilities should be adhered to whether the employee is homeworking permanently or temporarily due to the current COVID circumstances.

Are you doing your best to support homeworking?

Let us support you in offering employees a 'Homeworking Wellbeing Assessment'. This is  a great employee benefit, aiding engagement and increasing job satisfaction and wellbeing. Alongside benefiting the employer by increasing productivity, reducing sickness absence, aiding retention and a way to show that you value existing employees and new recruits to your business. Find out more

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