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About HWA

HWA is founded on strong HR principles and leans towards a people focus especially on health and wellbeing at work. 


The increase in people working from home inspired the creation of the business and to meet the niche market of  'Homeworking Wellbeing Assessments'. I believe that wellbeing should be looked at from both the physical and psychological aspects.

Mental health training has had the biggest impact on my working life, to be able to understand mental wellbeing and to identify and signpost a person to improve their mental health is probably the most rewarding thing I have done.


I am passionate about the delivery of this service and the beneficial impact that can be seen even during the assessment.  It is my belief that the personal touch is a big part of this and ensuring that the employee feels cared about.

It is becoming more apparent that the chats in the workplace at the photocopier, the water cooler  or just a quick 'hi' passing in the corridor were mini check-ins with each other and the isolation some homeworkers are feeling from working alone is having a detrimental affect to wellbeing.  The assessment is designed to identify lone working risks and mental health issues and to reach solutions.

I have also received hugely positive responses in relation to the workstation evaluation part of the assessment.  It's a great feeling to be a step in enabling an employee to return to work from sickness absence due to a bad back and to see the employee reaching their full potential again.  Even minor tweaks to a workstation showing long term improvements to medical issues makes the assessments particularly rewarding.

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